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The poetic format ‘symbiosis’ emerged (unexpectedly) in my poetry, in 1978. In the following year, this unprecedented style was distinguished with the “Revelation” Award for Poetry from the Portuguese Writers Association. However, it is very difficult (if not impossible) to translate this type of poetry into any language. I’ll explain why:

Always starting from a motto (which serves as a title), it is a matter of choosing which part of the words of that motto will form another word, which will be the beginning of the first line of the poem. For the following lines, just continue with the fragmentation of the motto words. The parts of the motto that were not used are on the left side, separated from the body of the poem.
Nothing better than an example (very simple) using the English word ‘symbiosis’.
If the complete translation of the poems/symbiosis is very difficult, it is perfectly possible to translate only the poem, as if it had been written in a traditional format.
Example in Portuguese:

The body of this poem translated to English
… although the rhymes have been lost!

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My gratitude to my friend Lídia Madeira and my sons Pedro Bartolomeu and Miguel Bartolomeu, who translated the texts into the English language.